WP4 – BioEOS Prototype development

WP leaders : Touria Bajjouk (Ifremer) & Jean-Baptiste Féret (INRAE)

The aim of this WP is to produce operational and relevant spatial indicators implementable for other regions so that to (1) account for the spatio-temporal dynamics of biodiversity status and (2) to identify its potential trajectories as a management support tool of coastal ecosystems


Task 4.1. Prototype specification & implementation (CoResp. Antoine Lavrard, Ifremer)

Task 4.2. Seagrass use case (Co-Resp. Pascal Mouquet, IRD)

Task 4.3. Coral reef use case (CoResp. Lionel Bigot)

Task 4.4. Bathymetry and benthic terrain use case (CoResp. Sophie Loyer, SHOM)

Task 4.5. Environmental variable assessment (CoResp. Antoine Huguet, Ifremer)

Task 4.6. Spatio-temporal biodiversity indicators (CoResp. Aurelien Boyé, Ifremer)